The EastTx CERT team is proud to announce the graduating class of Summer 2018. Graduates attended two weekends of classroom and outdoor hands-on training pertaining to everything related to emergency preparedness and response. The FEMA developed G317 course covers situational awareness, leadership command structure, psychological trauma counseling, extensive first aid training, search & rescue, victim extraction, and much more.

Students learn “cribbing” for propping up heavy objects lifted when extracting victims.

Graduates leave with a greater preparedness to face emergencies both in their homes and serving in their community. Graduates receive a backpack with basic personal protection equipment and other tools. Once graduates have completed the course, they can add to their skills through other free training opportunities throughout the year. EastTx CERT responds to calls for assistance from fire and police. Such duties may include event traffic control, search and rescue, public safety, and the spread of emergency communication.
This class was particularly special in that it had the highest attendance of women to date. Regardless of your background or abilities, there is room for one to serve. EastTx CERT members come from a broad range of ages and backgrounds. We have several husband/wife teams too. Our next class is scheduled October 20th and 27th at the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office. You can sign up at:

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