On February 23rd, a chilly and very wet Saturday morning, our crews established several search teams and set up a medical triage area as they deployed the first search and rescue drill of 2019. Eight boy scouts from Royse City Troops #312 and #3121 volunteered to serve as victims caught in the path of a tornado. Each representing medical cases from fatality to minimal injuries. Once arrived on the scene, the CERT teams began searching the area and surrounding wooded areas to locate and field triage the victims. They swiftly identified victims which required stabilization until they could be moved while others were immediately mobilized to safety. The search teams on this drill included a great turn out of members that recently completed the 2-day G-317 Basic Training course.

These exercises are conducted routinely each year at no cost to CERT members to maintain skills and provide continuing training for newer members. The CERT team has a diverse group of members from the community, bringing various specialized skills, including medical professionals, military veterans, and first responders all working together to hone the skills of the entire team. As the adage says, practice makes perfect.

CERT deploys for search and rescue activities at the request of local law enforcement agencies and requires each member to have the skills and knowledge to effectively carry out the search while preserving any evidence.

Many thanks to the Rockwall Gun Club for the use of their facility, Royse City Boy Scout Troops 312 and 3121 and to PlanetRockwall.com Online Magazine for coming out to see what we do and share with the community https://planetrockwall.com/royse-city-boy-scouts-rescued-in-response-scenario/?fbclid=IwAR3QhrkDenLidfKB3hWKT-6QOX3BQkBfrR9z6gcPXhCzhLuOB9e3uP_4IO0

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