Early on a foggy, damp and cold Saturday morning teams, EastTex CERT with Rowlett Citizen Corps Council staged for a missing person search. Teams of volunteers gathered at the Rowlett High School to coordinate the search through many buildings, nearby water hazards while covering a fairly large area. This search was part of a large annual drill of the combined units under Rowlett Citizen Corps. Through this training, the teams make note of possible evidence, clues that may lead them to locate the person, while maintaining communication with Incident Command. This exercise speaks to the grit and dedication of the civilian all-volunteer teams as the conditions were definitely less than desirable. There is some benefit to conducting these drills in adverse weather conditions because when a disaster of any kind strikes, the weather conditions often are not ideal. It is not uncommon to conduct real-life searches in the dark, rain and fog, freezing temperatures, and even in snow and/or icy conditions. Therefore, if they train for it, they are prepared for it when the time comes.

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is an all-volunteer organization through FEMA to help educate and organize local communities in the event of a disaster. EastTex CERT services Rockwall, Kaufman, Hunt, and Collin Counties. If you’re interested in joining, you can sign up by visiting our JOIN CERT page.

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