Q: How do I join?

A: Visit the Join CERT page.  There you’ll be able to choose the class to sign up for.  You’ll need to create a free account on signupgenius.com.

Q: Does being a CERT member cost me anything?

A: CERT members are provided an EastTex Regional CERT shirt.  CERT members are required to purchase the supplies to complete their CERT kits.

Q: Does attending the CERT G-317 Class cost anything?

A: We currently do not charge to attend the CERT G-317 Class. However, we may begin charging a small amount in the future to cover the cost of materials.

Q: Are their membership dues?

A: Not as yet.

Q: Is there any commitment in becoming an EastTex CERT volunteer member?

A: YES, We ask for a one year commitment and that all members attend the additional training, events and exercises that are held during the year.